Giant Slayer Session 1

A Death at the Ramblehouse

The Dwarves wake up to the screams of Cham Larringfass as she finds Rodrik Grath dead in room from apparent suicide with his Hope Knife.

After talking with Kurst Grath they were asked to investigate the death because he couldn’t believe his brother would commit suicide.

There were a few leads for the heroes to investigate

  • Lead 1 The Ramblehouse:
    From the Ramblehouse they discovered a Tall Blond Human with facial scars paid for a room with Platinum and would not his name in the ledger, They also found Rodrik’s hopeknife receipt, and a mysterious letter to Melira from someone unknown.
  • Lead 2 Brinya Kelver:
    From Brinya they learned that the Hope Knife Rodrik used was not his own and that he has a Journal that he wrote about everything in.
  • Lead 3 Omast Frum:
    From the Drunk Omast the heroes found out about Rodrik Graths relationship with Katrezra
  • Lead 4 The White Swords:
    These white swords are not swords at all but Twisted Nails and the alchemical paint he proven almost impossible to remove.
  • Lead 5 The Sanctuary
    From Tyari Varvatos and Brantos Calderon the heroes learn of Katrezra and more of his relationship with Rodrik, but also that he has been missing since the day of his murder.
  • Lead 6 Clamor
    From Sara Morninghawk they learn of the missing Hope Knife and the smith Urnsul. Katrezra has been hiding at clamor since Rodrik’s murder and he gives the heroes Rodriks Journal that points to The Plague House

Through their investigation the dwarves were attacked twice. Once in the street by a pack of trained wolves, another time in their rooms at The Ramblehouse by Freedom Town Assassins


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