The Hanging of Skreed Gorewillow

Giant Slayer Session 4 Part 1

After the heroes captured Skreed and turned him over to the authorities, they had a couple days of peace as they attempted to identify the magic items with the help of Agrit Staginsdar. They were able to identity everything besides the artifact hammer. The dwarves were summoned to speak with Ormrok Stonehammer about the coming future and the will of Torag. For the mission they are about to undertake they are the chosen ones of the clan. They were each given a sacred brand that helps the communicate with each other and answer the call of Torag as needed.

On that evening Skreed was to be hung from his neck until he was dead. As he was being hung Thorin and Ash spotted a suspicious woman in the crowd. They ran her down Thorin cornered her but she was able to become invisible and escape from the party.


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