The River Journey

Giantslayer Session 4 Part 4

Bloodtusk’s keelboat The Chellish Devil weighs anchor and sets off on the river journey first thing in the morning after the dwarves arrive.Captain Bloodtusk makes it abundantly clear on the first day that they are not idle tourists; Halgra negotiated working passage for the dwarves, and they must make themselves useful while aboard. Bloodtusk expects everyone to help row the riverboat as well as perform other duties. The jobs include Cooking, Fishing, Lookout, Rowing, Sounding and Stable Mucking.
The dwarves paid for Bartimaeus Baedard passage so he didn’t have to do any jobs so he could work on crafting magic items.

As the Heroes began to do their jobs on the first morning of the trip, Thorin fell into the river while fishing and was attacked by multiple crocodile. Ash tried to catch the boat on fire with produce flame.
Thorin brought the dead crocs on board so the ship was eating well for a couple days.

As the next day came on the boat was attacked by a pack of River Drakes trying to steal one of the war rams. Thorin cleaved the Alpha Drakes head off ending the threat. The dwarves stopped the boat and raided the lair of the Drakes.

Bakkara, The Horror from the Mwangi Expanse “escaped” his cage and attacked the crew of the boat, he was restrained after the request of the Captain because it being valuable merchandise.

Leading our heroes to begin to investigate a possible saboteur, they found a secret smugglers hold and bilge that Melira had stowed away in and was trying to kill the heroes. An epic battle erupted on the bottom of the boat with Melira and her snakes.
The heroes were victorious against the saboteur.

The boat the next day was scheduled for a stop and a deliver good to a Knights of Ozum waystation. The station was under attack by orcs and wolves the dwarves cleared them out after a difficult fight.


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