Tomb of The Hill Giant Hero

Giantslayer Session 3 Part 3

After breaking the Siege of Trunau our heroes follow a mysterious individual into the hole Crusher broke into the side of Bloodmarch Hill. As the dwarves descended down over 100 feet they found a flooded clearing with no signs of their prey, they were swarmed by shadow rats. With a good use of Alchemical Fire and Acid they were able to wipe out the swarm. As the Dwarves adventured deeper into the caves they found a chamber full of Hill Giant Skeletons two animated to attack and Thorin being weakened by the Shadow Rats became a living wall holding off the pair of skeletons while the other heroes defeated them.
The dwarves come upon a treasure horde and as they begin to assess their rewards the architect of all their problem comes up from behind them Skreed Gorewillow
Skreed came upon the heroes with his trained Dire Wolves this was an epic combat that left the heroes battered and bruised but victorious and quite a bit richer than before they entered the Tomb of The Hill Giant Hero


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