Trunau Under Siege

Giantslayer Session 2 Part 2

The Dwarves preparing for an imminent assault by the orcs gather with many of the townsfolk for the funeral of Rodrik Grath during the funeral the orc raid begins
With orders to light the beacons from Kurst Grath the Dwarves begin to make their way through Trunau.
At the Commons Beacon they encounter a lynch mob after Brinya Kelver this was quickly put down between some fine words from Goldorn Greyoath and threating words from the rest of the party. From her gratefulness Brinya gives the heroes Brinya’s Love as thanks for all they have done.
After they make it to the Inner Quarter the beacon their had been destroyed but Kurst again shows up planning on leading a calvary charge upon the siege engines of the orcs gives the players the orders to secure the Inner Quarter.
The dwarves find Agrit Staginsdar house a blaze with Sara Morninghawk stuck inside. The heroes rescue Sara while meeting their first batch of Orcs from the Twisted Nail Clan. Agrit as repayment for saving Sara gave the dwarves her Pearl of Puissance
The next major threat the Dwarves faced was at The Killin’ Ground where Rishka and some Freedom Town Thugs has taken over the bar and killed most of the patrons. Rishka almost killed Jarn Diefenbach of Clan Brandberg with a early well placed Ax strike. The heroes saved Rabus Clarenston who promised them drinks for life which he might live to regret.
As the heroes made their way through the Inner Quarter killing multiple orc looters they found one of the leaders of the raid Kagak of The Rolling Thunder in one of the towers after a long hard fight Kagak was finally brought low.
As the Dwarves continued to clear out the Inner Quarter of threats they found Urnsul and Vorom mugging a merchant from last wall. As Urnsul was dieing she tried to ask for mercy but bled to death as the dwarves discussed what to do with her.
The heroes found Silvermane half dead but they healed him and he said look for him at the standing stone by the hopespring
The heroes finally secured most of the Inner Quarter and found their old drunken friend Omast Frum preparing for another assault from the Twisted Orc Clan.


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