The River Journey
Giantslayer Session 4 Part 4

Bloodtusk’s keelboat The Chellish Devil weighs anchor and sets off on the river journey first thing in the morning after the dwarves arrive.Captain Bloodtusk makes it abundantly clear on the first day that they are not idle tourists; Halgra negotiated working passage for the dwarves, and they must make themselves useful while aboard. Bloodtusk expects everyone to help row the riverboat as well as perform other duties. The jobs include Cooking, Fishing, Lookout, Rowing, Sounding and Stable Mucking.
The dwarves paid for Bartimaeus Baedard passage so he didn’t have to do any jobs so he could work on crafting magic items.

As the Heroes began to do their jobs on the first morning of the trip, Thorin fell into the river while fishing and was attacked by multiple crocodile. Ash tried to catch the boat on fire with produce flame.
Thorin brought the dead crocs on board so the ship was eating well for a couple days.

As the next day came on the boat was attacked by a pack of River Drakes trying to steal one of the war rams. Thorin cleaved the Alpha Drakes head off ending the threat. The dwarves stopped the boat and raided the lair of the Drakes.

Bakkara, The Horror from the Mwangi Expanse “escaped” his cage and attacked the crew of the boat, he was restrained after the request of the Captain because it being valuable merchandise.

Leading our heroes to begin to investigate a possible saboteur, they found a secret smugglers hold and bilge that Melira had stowed away in and was trying to kill the heroes. An epic battle erupted on the bottom of the boat with Melira and her snakes.
The heroes were victorious against the saboteur.

The boat the next day was scheduled for a stop and a deliver good to a Knights of Ozum waystation. The station was under attack by orcs and wolves the dwarves cleared them out after a difficult fight.

Visions in the Night
Giantslayer Session 4 Part 3

In the middle of the night before the heroes left to sail down the River Esk Brantos Calderon wakes them with urgent news.

Katrezra needs to see them immediately over visions he is having. As the dwarves come to the Sanctuary they are met by the crippled half orc. He says he has been having visions that have been troubling him and he wants to tell them before they leave.

The main point from each of these visions were:


There is another

A Giant Riding Dragon over a Great Cathedral

Beware of The Harbinger of Decay

Unite the Family

After he explained the visions and his interpretations he left the dwarves to their own devices.

The Meeting with Council of Defenders
Giantslayer Session 4 Part 2

The Heroes are summoned to meet with the Council of Defenders. The group is led by Halgra of the Blackened Blade the Council of Defenders is worried that the town’s orc troubles are far from over. Thanks to the heroes, the orcs’ hill giant chieftain, Grenseldek, was unable to recover the items she sought from Uskroth’s tomb, and the council fear another attack on Trunau in the near future. To that end, Halgra asks the dwarves to go to Grenseldek’s lair—an abandoned outpost near the River Esk called Redlake Fort—and deal with the giant chieftain and her orc tribe before they can attack Trunau again. Due to their recent heroism during the orc raid and in Uskroth’s tomb, Halgra believes they are best suited to this task, as Trunau’s militia and citizenry are needed to rebuild the town’s defenses after the orc attack.

Halgra introduces the Silvermane to the council, Silvermane is mute, and communicates through a form of sign language that Halgra can understand and translate.
With her help, Silvermane tells the council and the dwarves about the Vault of Thorns, a demiplane created by the druidic Council of Thorns, of which he was once a member. The entrance to the Vault is located within Ghostlight Marsh, a swamp to the northeast surrounding the confluence of the Kestrel and Esk rivers. Silvermane informs them that the Vault contains a cache of items that can help in their fight against the Twisted Heart menace, though he has no specific details about the items. To find the Vault of Thorns, the dwarves should look for a marker in the form of a circle of thorns carved into a stone near the banks of the River Esk. This marker will put them on the right path through the swamp to find the Vault, but the entrance to the demiplane is hidden. Silvermane informed the heroes that the Ghostlight Lantern that he let them use during the raid is key to entering The Vault of Thorns. According to Silvermane, if the husk of a dead will-o’-wisp is placed inside the lantern, the lamp will produce a beacon that points to the circle of standing stones that marks the Vault’s entrance. Once the they reach the druidic circle, they need only wash the supernaturally fueled lantern’s light over the central standing stone to open the portal into the Vault of Thorns.

Halgra informs the dwarves that she has already secured passage for them aboard a keelboat that regularly plies the rivers of southern Belkzen. The riverboat’s captain, a
half-orc named Raag Bloodtusk, has agreed to transport them to Ghostlight Marsh and then up the River Esk to a location near Redlake Fort in exchange for the their efforts in helping sail the boat and defending it from any dangerous river denizens. Halgra explains that overland travel to Redlake Fort would be foolhardy and dangerous, as it would take them right through the orc-infested Hold of Belkzen. Bloodtusk’s riverboat, on the other hand, is well known among the orc tribes along the river, and the gladiator-turned-riverboat-captain enjoys rights of safe passage from these tribes’ chieftains, which makes a river journey far safer than traveling overland. Before they left, Halgra gave them a letter of introduction to give to Bloodtusk, who is waiting for them on the southern bank of the Kestrel River.

The Hanging of Skreed Gorewillow
Giant Slayer Session 4 Part 1

After the heroes captured Skreed and turned him over to the authorities, they had a couple days of peace as they attempted to identify the magic items with the help of Agrit Staginsdar. They were able to identity everything besides the artifact hammer. The dwarves were summoned to speak with Ormrok Stonehammer about the coming future and the will of Torag. For the mission they are about to undertake they are the chosen ones of the clan. They were each given a sacred brand that helps the communicate with each other and answer the call of Torag as needed.

On that evening Skreed was to be hung from his neck until he was dead. As he was being hung Thorin and Ash spotted a suspicious woman in the crowd. They ran her down Thorin cornered her but she was able to become invisible and escape from the party.

Tomb of The Hill Giant Hero
Giantslayer Session 3 Part 3

After breaking the Siege of Trunau our heroes follow a mysterious individual into the hole Crusher broke into the side of Bloodmarch Hill. As the dwarves descended down over 100 feet they found a flooded clearing with no signs of their prey, they were swarmed by shadow rats. With a good use of Alchemical Fire and Acid they were able to wipe out the swarm. As the Dwarves adventured deeper into the caves they found a chamber full of Hill Giant Skeletons two animated to attack and Thorin being weakened by the Shadow Rats became a living wall holding off the pair of skeletons while the other heroes defeated them.
The dwarves come upon a treasure horde and as they begin to assess their rewards the architect of all their problem comes up from behind them Skreed Gorewillow
Skreed came upon the heroes with his trained Dire Wolves this was an epic combat that left the heroes battered and bruised but victorious and quite a bit richer than before they entered the Tomb of The Hill Giant Hero

The Hopespring Giant
Giantslayer Session 3 Part 2

The Cave Giant Crusher with his group of handlers had busted open a hole in the side of Bloodmarch Hill. The dwarves were victorious in this dangerous combat as Crusher was almost able to incapacitate multiple dwarves in a single swing of his great chain.

After Crusher was defeated the dwarves barley had time to recover when Kurst came upon them with the news that someone had gone down into the hole created by Crusher in the side of Bloodmarch Hill.

Orcs at the Barricades
Giantslayer Session 3 Part 1

The Dwarves joined by Omast Frum had the difficult task to defend the Western Gate of the Inner Quarter from a full assault from the Twisted Heart Clan. With great tactics and use of the defenses gathered by Omast the dwarves were victorious repelling the assault until the rest of the guard could shore up the destroyed gate.

The heroes raced to the Hopespring to light the beacon, Silvermane helped them recover with a short trip to the Vault of Thorns to rest heal and recover their spells.

After leaving the Vault of Thorns our heroes helped destroy one of the last siege engines of the Twisted Nail Raid.

Trunau Under Siege
Giantslayer Session 2 Part 2

The Dwarves preparing for an imminent assault by the orcs gather with many of the townsfolk for the funeral of Rodrik Grath during the funeral the orc raid begins
With orders to light the beacons from Kurst Grath the Dwarves begin to make their way through Trunau.
At the Commons Beacon they encounter a lynch mob after Brinya Kelver this was quickly put down between some fine words from Goldorn Greyoath and threating words from the rest of the party. From her gratefulness Brinya gives the heroes Brinya’s Love as thanks for all they have done.
After they make it to the Inner Quarter the beacon their had been destroyed but Kurst again shows up planning on leading a calvary charge upon the siege engines of the orcs gives the players the orders to secure the Inner Quarter.
The dwarves find Agrit Staginsdar house a blaze with Sara Morninghawk stuck inside. The heroes rescue Sara while meeting their first batch of Orcs from the Twisted Nail Clan. Agrit as repayment for saving Sara gave the dwarves her Pearl of Puissance
The next major threat the Dwarves faced was at The Killin’ Ground where Rishka and some Freedom Town Thugs has taken over the bar and killed most of the patrons. Rishka almost killed Jarn Diefenbach of Clan Brandberg with a early well placed Ax strike. The heroes saved Rabus Clarenston who promised them drinks for life which he might live to regret.
As the heroes made their way through the Inner Quarter killing multiple orc looters they found one of the leaders of the raid Kagak of The Rolling Thunder in one of the towers after a long hard fight Kagak was finally brought low.
As the Dwarves continued to clear out the Inner Quarter of threats they found Urnsul and Vorom mugging a merchant from last wall. As Urnsul was dieing she tried to ask for mercy but bled to death as the dwarves discussed what to do with her.
The heroes found Silvermane half dead but they healed him and he said look for him at the standing stone by the hopespring
The heroes finally secured most of the Inner Quarter and found their old drunken friend Omast Frum preparing for another assault from the Twisted Orc Clan.

The Plague House
Giantslayer Session 2 Part 1

As the Dwarves investigate the Plague house and dig deeper into the coming threat. After dealing with multiple vermin the heroes find Daktani meeting with a group of Flood Trolls beneath the Plague House, all the trolls were slaughtered by the Dwarves and Daktani was taken into custody. Their was more evidence that Skreed and his crew are digging for something under Trunau.

Giant Slayer Session 1
A Death at the Ramblehouse

The Dwarves wake up to the screams of Cham Larringfass as she finds Rodrik Grath dead in room from apparent suicide with his Hope Knife.

After talking with Kurst Grath they were asked to investigate the death because he couldn’t believe his brother would commit suicide.

There were a few leads for the heroes to investigate

  • Lead 1 The Ramblehouse:
    From the Ramblehouse they discovered a Tall Blond Human with facial scars paid for a room with Platinum and would not his name in the ledger, They also found Rodrik’s hopeknife receipt, and a mysterious letter to Melira from someone unknown.
  • Lead 2 Brinya Kelver:
    From Brinya they learned that the Hope Knife Rodrik used was not his own and that he has a Journal that he wrote about everything in.
  • Lead 3 Omast Frum:
    From the Drunk Omast the heroes found out about Rodrik Graths relationship with Katrezra
  • Lead 4 The White Swords:
    These white swords are not swords at all but Twisted Nails and the alchemical paint he proven almost impossible to remove.
  • Lead 5 The Sanctuary
    From Tyari Varvatos and Brantos Calderon the heroes learn of Katrezra and more of his relationship with Rodrik, but also that he has been missing since the day of his murder.
  • Lead 6 Clamor
    From Sara Morninghawk they learn of the missing Hope Knife and the smith Urnsul. Katrezra has been hiding at clamor since Rodrik’s murder and he gives the heroes Rodriks Journal that points to The Plague House

Through their investigation the dwarves were attacked twice. Once in the street by a pack of trained wolves, another time in their rooms at The Ramblehouse by Freedom Town Assassins