Giant Slayer Session 1
The Hope Knife Ceremony

The Dwarves of Clan Brandberg had joined the citizens of Trunau for Ruby’s Hope Knife Ceremony. There was great fun had all around with the Dwarves destroying the town guard in a round of tug of war. The heroes got to know Rodrick and Kurst Grath and finished the night drinking at the The Killin’ Ground and sleeping in the Ramblehouse

Giant Slayer Session 0

The Heroes have all returned to Trunau for the funeral of Fargrin Staginsdar. It has been two weeks since the ceremony that laid the great hero to rest. Most of the clan members who traveled to Trunau for the event have left.
Tonight Trunau’s citizens have gathered in the Commons , the large amphitheater in the center of town, to celebrate the birthday of Ruby, the youngest daughter of the town’s leader, Chief Defender Halgra of the Blackened Blades. It is not just any birthday for Ruby, though—it is her twelfth birthday, which means she has come of age and will receive her very own hopeknife.