Boots of the Elven Spirit


Boots of the Elven Spirit
Price: 3,100 Gp
Slot: Feet
CL: Character Level
Weight: 1 lb
Aura: Moderate Transmutation

These Boots are an Ascending Magic Item
These elegant, lightweight boots are durable yet soft in texture, being partially made of living leaves and other natural materials. They grant the wearer a +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks and allow them to treat the first square of difficult terrain they enters each round as if it weren’t difficult terrain.

  • 10th Level: The boots allow the wearer to ignore the adverse movement effects of difficult terrain entirely.
  • 12th Level: The boots grant the wearer a +10-foot enhancement bonus to their base movement speed, and they leaves no tracks.
  • 14th Level: The boots allow the wearer to walk so lightly that they do not trigger pressure plate traps and can walk across any surface—including water, but not air—as long as they ends their movement each round on a surface that can support their weight.
  • 17th Level: The boots allow the wearer to gain the effects of haste for 10 rounds per day, as boots of speed. If the wearer also wears the cloak of the elven spirit, the boots grant them the ability to use tree stride as the spell, entering up to 20 trees each day.

Boots of the Elven Spirit

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