Brand of the Chosen


These Brands are given to Heroes of Clan Brandberg. Every few generations a group of heroes rise up and are chosen by Torgar and the Dwarven Pantheon to Help the Clan in some way.

Anyone with this Brand is untethered from reality, and might step out of existence at any moment for indeterminate periods—possibly forever. All of that individual’s possessions vanish with him, though occasionally specific items—seemingly of the mark bearer’s choosing—are left behind. When and if an individual reappears, he is unharmed and has no knowledge of where he was, and only a vague idea of how much time has passed. Such individuals typically reappear near others who bear the mark.

Those bearing the Brands can telepathically communicate with any other creature with the brand within line of sight. This telepathy allows those participating to hear only what others bearing the brand wish them to hear, and to broadcast only what they wish. A bearer has complete control over this telepathy and can block it out or only broadcast to specific individuals as they wish.

Brand of the Chosen

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