Cloak of the Elven Spirit


Cloak of the Elven Spirit
Price: 5,400 Gp;
Slot: shoulders
CL: Character Level
Weight: 1 lb.;
Aura: Strong Transmutation

The Cloak is an Ascending Magic Item

When this plain green cloak is worn with the hood drawn up around the head, the wearer gains a +5 competence bonus on Stealth checks. If the wearer spends at least 1 minute concentrating on blending the cloak’s colors to match their surroundings, they can attempt Stealth checks without cover or concealment until they makes an attack or moves more than half their base speed on their turn. Once they breaks this effect, they must spend another minute to reactivate it.

  • 12th Level: The cloak grants its wearer the camouflage ranger ability in forested areas.
  • 14th Level: At will, when the wearer envelops themselves in the cloak as a standard action, they can become invisible as invisibility.
  • 16th Level: If the wearer also wears the boots of the elven spirit, they can focus the cloak’s invisibility effect. As a free action, they can choose to make it so their attacks do not end the invisibility effect for 1 round. They can use this ability for 10 rounds per day, but the rounds need not be consecutive.

Cloak of the Elven Spirit

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